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The Blocksy Kids Couch: Is it Worth It?

My husband and I purchased the Foamnasium Blocksy Kid's Couch along with a set of Foamnasium Mega Wedges last year for our daughter's playroom. A year later and I'm here to fill you mamas in on our thoughts so far.

I'll be honest, when we were first introduced to #Blocksy, it was because I was a stressed-out mama who was trying to get a #nuggetplaycouch for our daughter. Remember the times when Nugget Comfort did limited releases and you had to be at your computer at the exact minute of release, only to have the site crash, item stolen out of your cart, and then see a red "X" across the color you were so desperately trying to get because in a matter of 30 seconds the entire site was sold out? And you threw yourself down on the ground in an adult temper tantrum screaming "WHY GOD? WHY ME?" because once again you didn't get your child the couch she never asked for in the first place? Oh hey, yeah I'm dramatic but that's not the point. The point is that is when I did a good old google search for an alternative to the madness. And #Blocksy appeared.

What We Love

Let's start off with the best qualities, shall we? For one, my mama soul loves that this play couch is made out of vinyl. The vinyl is thick and very durable. It reminds me of the gymnastics mat material we learned to do forward rolls on as a kid. It isn't easily damageable. And you can wipe off spills, dirt, grime, snot, whatever toddler shenanigans happen to land on this bad boy-- you can wipe it off with a clorox wipe or plain soap and water. God is good!

I also love that it comes in aesthetically pleasing colors. Sorry y'all. Call me vain. I've been to therapy, I've read the books, I'm just me, okay!? And I like things to look clean and match if possible. The color white is a little intimidating to some but I loved that it was an option. There are a ton of other colors to choose from, some neutral, some bold. Surely there is a color option that your mama heart will love to!

Lastly, we love to slide around here and the #blocksy has the perfect texture for a good ol' fashion slide. We use the #megawedges as a slide or use our living room couch to create a slide and it works perfectly. Our daughter has a blast. Sometimes a baby doll or stuffed animal gets invited to the partake in the fun as well.

What Could Be Better

Okay-- no review is done without letting you know about the "cons". There isn't much that I do not like about the #blocksy and #megawedges though. If I had to choose something it would be that it is not very sturdy when it comes to making a fort or to lounge or sleep on. It will fall down from the slightest leg movement when making a fort and is too soft to enjoy if you were hoping to lounge. So if you are looking for a kids couch to use as seating in your playroom or for cool fort-making abilities-- look into the #nugget. The #nugget is definitely sturdier. We actually now own both since I'm a psycho. I'll do a review on our #nuggetcomfortcouch in another post.

Overall Rating

Overall I absolutely love both the #blocksy and the #megawedges! I believe it's the best idea to purchase them together as they provide endless play. However, if both are not in your budget, either one will be loved by your kiddo. You can't go wrong. A+ from our family!



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