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Simple Home-made Gift Ideas You Can Make With Essential Oils

Easy and Affordable DIY Gifts for any Occasion Using Essential Oils

Every month there seems to be something to celebrate. A birthday, a holiday, an anniversary, a promotion, graduation: the list goes on with countless reasons to purchase something to express how we feel and celebrate the people we love. Those purchases are usually expensive, non-personal, and often not from the heart. Well, not anymore. Here are some simple and affordable DIY Essential Oil gift ideas that you can use to celebrate any occasion!

What Are Essential Oils and Where Can I Purchase Them?

What are essential oils? Essential oils are natural compounds that are taken out of plants through distillation or cold pressing. They have been used for years for various reasons that include cleaning, sickness, and aromatherapy. There are plenty of places that sell essential oils. You may be able to find a place local to you that specializes in quality oils. One of my favorite places in the Charleston/Summerville area if you are nearby is Dragon Fly Naturals. When visiting Hamilton, Montana I came across a company that made amazing lavender oil named Lavender with Love. If you take the time to search, I'm certain someone near you specializes in this amazing craft. You can typically find these types of farmers or business owners at your local farmers' market. However, if you are looking for great quality oils and would rather shop online, Revive Essential Oils is an amazing place to shop with very fast shipping.

What Can Be Made with Essential Oils?

So, now that you know what essential oils are and where you can purchase them, what can you make? This is the fun part because your options are truly endless. I'm obsessed with essential oils, so I make so many things with them. But here are 5 things that are so easy to make and easy on the wallet.

  1. Melt and Pour Soap - Melt and Pour Soap is probably my favorite gift to make. You can find so many different types of melt and pour soap bases on Amazon. Just search for the type of soap you like. A few recommendations if you have no idea what soap you like are goat milk, honey, oatmeal, or shea butter soap base. I have many soap-making recipes that I'll share in another post, but this is your chance to be super creative and do what you love. Take into consideration any skin issues or emotional traits that your loved ones or yourself are experiencing and incorporate that into deciding on the soap type. Once you've melted your soap base, you add in your essential oils. Is this soap going to be for bath time? Or as a hand soap by the kitchen sink? These uses would cause you to consider what oil may be used. For example, lavender is very relaxing as is eucalyptus. These would be amazing for bath soaps. But lemon and citrus oils are used to awaken and uplift. They are clean scents. These oils are perfect for hand soap in the kitchen.

  2. Body Butter - Another favorite for me. Lotion or body butter are perfect gift ideas. Finding your favorite unscented lotion and adding the essential oils of your choosing and putting the mixture into a cute body butter jar is the cutest way to give this gift.

  3. Sugar Scrubs - Exfoliating is a way of life! A sugar scrub is a perfect easy gift idea. Combining natural sugar with essential oils and coconut oil and your sugar scrub awaits. As a gift just add your mixture to a mason jar with a cute label and you are good to go. Sugar scrubs are amazing on the skin and lips to get rid of dry skin.

  4. Roller Balls- Take your essential oils to go with roller balls. Combine a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a roller ball and mix it with liquid coconut oil as your carrier oil and your have your oils to go! Simply roll the oil onto your wrist or neck as a perfume or to calm you in times of stress or roll across your forehead if you have a headache depending on the oils you choose to you. Flower oils like rose and jasmine are commonly used as natural perfumes, whereas peppermint is amazing for easing headaches.

  5. Room Sprays - Room sprays are so simple and amazing gifts. Using distilled water, witch hazel, and your favorite essential oils and combining the ingredients in a beautiful spray bottle, you have the perfect room spray. Use it for the living room, your bedroom, or bathroom - it makes the best affordable, simple, yet elegant gift for yourself or a loved one.

Interested in a bar of soap, body butter, sugar scrub, rollerball, or room spray recipe?

Comment below to let me know what you'd like to see!



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